How are the National Association of Primary Care mastering the art of connectivity?


NAPC knows that it is essential to create an environment where people can talk, get connected and discuss issues in a way that inspires them to take action and responsibility. Every meeting should result in positive actions and provide the opportunity to share outcomes. For our Purposeful Leaders, the goal is to be the future drivers in primary care, which means striking a balance between thinking creatively to deal with new long term priorities, challenging the systems that need changing while ensuring that the valuable lessons of previous and current leaders are captured and optimised for better patient outcomes.

Our Purposeful Leaders will flourish because of the opportunities to learn from each other and across different professions as well as the ability to network and take sustainable available to them by being part of the National Association of Primary Care. For us, this is valid succession planning across the breadth of primary care. 


To find out more about Purposeful Leaders or make enquiries about being part of this network, please email us or drop us a line on 020 7636 7228.