Connecting the dots

The NAPC continues to work hard at fostering and encouraging the right relationships needed to move the healthcare system forward. 

Over the next decade, the NHS will need to respond to the needs of a society with increasing levels of chronic ill health.  The aspirations of the Five Year Forward View and commitments from the government to increase investment into the NHS by 8 billion a year by 2020 to support the transformation of services across the country are welcomed. 


The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) launched the Practice Innovation Network (PIN) in 2012.  This has evolved and grown into the Primary Care Innovation Network (PIN), generating positive patient outcomes despite immense pressure on general practice and lack of funding in primary care.  NAPC has, through its work with members, built the foundations and environment to innovate, take necessary risks and work collaboratively across localities and health economies.  


In October 2014 at the NAPC’s Annual Conference, Dr Nav Chana, Chairman, launched the Association's 7 Point Plan.  This set the mandate for the organisation for the next 12 months and beyond.  Work is now coming into fruition to support and expand each of the points.  Networks have been established, positive outcomes are emerging and new work streams are evolving.  NAPC is connecting the dots.



The NAPC has established the Practice Innovation Network (PIN) to assist members in becoming state of the art pioneers of 21st century Primary Care. The network provides members with opportunities to enhance and refine their services to their patients and the wider local community. The Practice Innovation Network aims to drive greater community engagement, patient empowerment and proactive management of long-term conditions. 

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The National Association of Provider Organisations (NAPO) is a network for GP provider companies and others focused on the ‘out of hospital’ sector. The potential for these organisations to support ‘primary care at scale’; to remodel the hospital / community interface; and to integrate with other health and social care functions is considerable. Their presence as integrators of care in the community accords fully with the direction of travel of the 5-Year NHS Forward View.

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Through their National Primary Care Network, the NAPC creates the ultimate platform for participants to shape the new NHS together, enabling local and national leaders within primary care to be at the heart of the healthcare debate. The NCPN network consists of over 500 selected professionals drawn from senior management who will drive the changes in service delivery which clinical commissioning both enables and demands. 

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NAPC knows that it is essential to create an environment where people can talk, get connected and discuss issues in a way that inspires them to take action and responsibility. Purposeful Leaders is about succession planning for the future aspiring leaders across the breadth of primary care. The network aims to balance creative thinking to deal with new long term priorities, challenge the systems where needed and ensure that the valuable lessons of previous and current leaders are captured and optimised for better patient outcomes.

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NAPC are launching its network for the voice of nurses.



The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) has joined the NHS Confederation as its exclusive primary care provider network. NAPC represents and supports the interests of all primary care professionals including general practitioners, nurses, practice staff, pharmacists, opticians and dentists. By joining the NHS Confederation – the only organisation that brings together all parts of the healthcare system - NAPC can ensure the primary care voice is fully represented on issues affecting the whole NHS.

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