NAPC joins the NHS Confederation as its primary care provider network.


The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) is joining the NHS Confederation as its exclusive primary care provider network. We are working hard to achieve full integration within the NHS Confederation and this process will be completed by 1 April 2015.


NAPC represents and supports the interests of all primary care professionals including general practitioners, nurses, practice staff, pharmacists, opticians and dentists. By joining the NHS Confederation – the only organisation that brings together all parts of the healthcare system - NAPC can ensure the primary care voice is fully represented on issues affecting the whole NHS.


Bridging the gap between primary and secondary care

Greater coordination and integration of primary and secondary care is key to meeting the changing needs of patients and improving how and where we deliver care to local populations.


Working together, we can help to further bridge the gap between these two parts of the service – supporting new ways of working and developing whole-system solutions to ensure a high quality, innovative and sustainable NHS for the future.


Double the member benefits

NAPC members now have access to NHS Confederation member products and services; including:

  •          member forums
  •          information services
  •          publications
  •          conferences and events


NAPC members can also benefit from discounted member rates at our annual conference and exhibition.


NHS Confederation members can also access NAPC member forums and events and benefit from discounted rates at their Best Practice event.