• Dr Nav Chana

    NAPC Chair. GP and Clinical Advisor for the workforce stream of NHS England's New Care Models Programmme

  • Dr James Kingsland OBE

    NAPC President. Senior Partner in a nationally renowned general practice in the North West

  • John Pope CBE

    NAPC Chief Executive Officer. Management consultant

  • Sally Kitt

    NAPC Chief Operating Officer

  • Dr Minesh Patel

    NAPC Vice Chair. Chair, Horsham and Mid-Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Dr Peter Smith

    NAPC Vice President. NAPC Vice President. GP and Children's Services Lead for Kingston Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Dr Durairaj Jawahar

    NAPC Treasurer. GP and Leicester City Clinical Commissioning Group board member

  • Mrs Karen Acott

    NAPC Honorary Secretary. Clinical Board Member at Northern, Eastern and Western (NEW) Devon Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Dr Charles Alessi

    GP and Senior Advisor at Public Health England

  • Elaine Biscoe

    National Nurse Advisor, Care Quality Commission

  • Mr Stephen Foster

    Director at Carpe Diem Health Limited

  • Ray Guy MBE

    Health care policy advisor

  • Maria Howdon

    Head of Membership Development at NHS Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Dr Steve Kell

    GP and Managing Partner Larwood Health Partnership

  • Dr Joanne Medhurst

    Medical Director at Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust

  • Dr Peter Patel

    Primary Care Development Support lead for Birmingham South Central Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Sam Sherrington

    Head of Stakeholder and Cultural Transformation at NHS England

  • Dr Mike Smith

    Chairman, National Association of Provider Organisations

  • Ashok Soni OBE

    Community pharmacist and Clinical Network Lead for Lambeth Clinical Commissioning Group

  • Sheinaz Stansfield

    Practice Manager Representative on the Royal College of General Practitioners Northern Faculty Board