Innovating Patient Care in Type 2 Diabetes


The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) have entered into a Joint Working Initiave with Industry for the delivery of this Practice Innovation Network (PIN) Project. The overall aim of this Project is to improve the day-to-day care of people with type 2 diabetets (T2DM) through piloting a flexible approach to disease management. This incorporates ways that tools, medicines and interventions can be deployed to support this is a personalised way - giving patients ownership of their disease.


A national expert NHS Faculty has been created to develop an innovative new element of the type 2 care pathway which aims to improve patient outcomes through a multi-disciplinary approach. It is the intention of the Project to test, learn and refine this approach in the spirit of collaboration over the pilot year.



PIN 3 Project Meetings

Kick off Meeting - Wednesday 29th October 2014 @ NAPC Offices

Project Meeting - Wednesday 25th March 2015 @ NAPC Offices

Project Meeting - Wednesday 30th September 2015 @NAPC Offices

End-of-Project Meeting - 2016 (TBA)



A great second PIN meeting - a lot of useful discussions and sharing of learning. 

Watch the video>>


A joint working agreement between Janssen-Cilag Ltd and the National Association of Primary Care to develop a jointly agreed implementation programme to pilot a new approach within a type 2 diabetes care pathway advocating patient and carer navigation of personal healthcare needs and signposting evidence based tools within diabetes care. Improved patient outcomes will be measured over a period of one year through the NAPC Practice Innovation Network when any best practice findings to further benefit patients will be published.

Contract signed: August 2014

Duration of Agreement: 13 months



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