Primary Care

Primary Care is the first point of contact that most of us have with the health system. It provides a holistic, person centred approach to care rather than focusing on disease oriented services. 

Through Primary Care the majority of preventative and curative health needs, health promotion and care monitoring requirements are fulfilled. This is a result of the combination of universal access and comprehensive services delivered by the multi-professional teams who work to address the health needs of the population. Primary Care co-ordinates the integration of patient care in a sustained partnership with patients and informal care givers.

The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) is a values driven organisation which fosters productive relationships within Primary Care to deliver change and spread innovation. It engenders enthusiasm, entrepreneurialism and esteem within its membership, recognising that failure to execute good ideas and support best practice is the most damaging type of waste.



Our Vision

The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) will be recognised as an organisation that is shaping the future of healthcare delivery, enabling our membership to continue to provide world-class patient centred healthcare.


Our Mission

NAPC is a leading national membership organisation representing and supporting the interests of all healthcare professionals, both clinicians and managers, working across the breadth of Primary Care. We help them deliver effective and efficient patient centred are through our continued guidance and support services including training, events and knowledge sharing.



NAPC's 7 Point Plan

The National Association of Primary Care launched its 7 Point Plan at Best Practice 2014 to support its mission of empowering Primary Care to deliver patient centred population healthcare. At the heart of this plan are the core principles of putting patients and populations at the centre, having leaders and innovators and being outcomes focused.

  • Defining the value of healthcare around outcomes that matter to patients
  • Supporting new models of primary care provision
  • Aligning incentives and contractual models that support improvements in local population health outcomes
  • Developing a workforce that is responsive to the needs of a population, not fixating on any particular professional group
  • Supporting real time innovation across collaborative networks
  • Purposeful, not just positional, leaders representing the breadth of primary care
  • Influencing policy to support the ambitions above


Our Members

The NAPC membership is largely formed from the healthcare and managerial professionals who work within the four NHS Primary Care Independent Contractor Services, as well as community provider services across the UK. 

Download the NAPC Flyer (PDF)


NAPC welcomes its corporate and affiliate partners as part of its collaborative approach to work together and support its members.


NAPC as the Primary Care voice of the NHS Confederation


NAPC joins the NHS Confederation as its primary care provider network.


The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) has joined the NHS Confederation as its exclusive primary care provider network. NAPC represents and supports the interests of all primary care professionals including general practitioners, nurses, practice staff, pharmacists, opticians and dentists. By joining the NHS Confederation – the only organisation that brings together all parts of the healthcare system - NAPC can ensure the primary care voice is fully represented on issues affecting the whole NHS.