About us

The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) is a leading membership organisation representing the interests of primary care professionals including general practitioners, nurses, practice staff, pharmacists, opticians and dentists. 
It is at the centre of shaping the future of healthcare, spreading innovation, influencing policy, supporting and connecting professionals across primary care - enabling them to provide world-class sustainable patient-centred healthcare. 



Primary care

NAPC defines effective primary care as:

  • A citizen's first point of contact with the health and social care system
  • A person-centred (holistic) approach, rather than disease focused, to continuous lifetime care
  • A comprehensive set of services delivered by multi-professional teams with a focus on population health needs
  • The coordination and integration of care in partnership with patients and providers. 



We welcome our corporate and affiliate partners as part of our collaborative approach to working together and supporting our members.



Primary care voice of the NHS Confederation


The National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) is the NHS Confederation's exclusive primary care provider network. As part of the NHS Confederation – bringing together all parts of the healthcare system - NAPC can ensure the primary care voice is represented on issues affecting the whole NHS.